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APCAST 002: Marko Milosavljevic

By 15.12.2015July 25th, 2019No Comments

Apgrade organization presents the second edition of its mix series, dedicated to the promotion of modern electronic music and artists that you should pay your attention to. The new Apcast mix is done by one of the most interesting figures of the domestic scene known for his constant research and flirt between house, techno and electronica, Marko Milosavljević.

Obsessed with music since his early childhood, he began his first steps by enrolling in Music School – piano department. At the same time he was fascinated by synthesizers and electronic music and he started buying his first plates, and after that, at the age of 15 he started DJing. The following year was the year of his first recorded performance. He enrolled at the School of Higher Electrical Engineering, majoring in “Audio and Video Technology.” After a couple of very successful performances, in 2004 he became a part of “Teshka Mashinerija“, the best known organization in Serbia at that time. After that, he has performed throughout the Balkans at all the major festivals in the region. Besides Serbia, he has performed  in England, Spain, Holland, Greece, Canada, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, …

He was the first manager of the local techno label  “Recon Warriors” and a sub-label “Recon Light” and “Traffic,” dishing out more than 50 editions. His production debut happened on the compilation of “Belgrade Coffee Shop” in 2006, founded by the cult radio “B92”, and later on in the Netherlands for publishing houses “Luxaflex” and “Shadowfax”, as well as the label “Jesus Loved You”. He had great support from friends and colleagues Marko Nastić and Dejan Milićević, as well as Valentino Kanzyani and Umek. For more than 8 years he had led the program “Music For Body & Soul” at radio B92 and has been a part of the Burn DJ team since 2009.

Listen to the mix Marko prepared for the Apcast 002.