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APCAST 001: Dejan Milicevic

By 01.12.2015July 25th, 2019No Comments

Apgrade organization launched its podcast called Apcast ahead of the next party that will take place on December 5th in the warehouse “DEPO”. This special mixes series will aim to present, one by one, the artists who are committed to quality that can be experienced on Apgrade events. The icebreaker is the favorite of the home crowd and internationally recognized DJ and producer Dejan Milicevic, who will also perform on Saturday at the new ▲ party as domestic support. Shoulder to shoulder with him there will be one of the most prominent representatives of the Detroit scene Mike Huckaby and the Swedish rising star Sebastian Mullaert, also known as a member of the cult tandem Minilogue, combining two different generations of electronic music that binds equally uncompromising artistic approach. Beside them an iconic duo will feature, Gordan Paunovic and Vlada Janjic, and they will be in charge of the overture. Tickets are on sale at the box office of Eventim and Gigstix at a price of 600 dinars.

With over 20 years of experience and being on stage, you simply can not avoid to hear one of the best serbian house and techno DJs, Dejan Milicevic. Together with his friends Marko Nastic he began his career in the cult club Industrija at the age of 15, where they both kept their residency. Not only that he was a resident of one of the best clubs of Belgrade, but he also became an internationally recognized DJ in 1997 and 1998, where he saw that his hard work pays off. After becoming a part of KneDeep booking agency, he started to play at big events such as Sonar, Tomorrowland, Dance Valley, Awakenings and Monegros, as well as one of the best European festival EXIT, where he was a resident DJ.

His experimentation with the famous Dusan Skovran orchestra combined some of the most beautiful Mozart’s work with the club sound and also became a big part of his learning process and musical education. His distinctive style that is well known is a mix of deep house and techno imbued with soul and love that is presented in his sets and production. In 2011 he released his first album after more than 80 EPs that were previously counted in his extensive discography. “Trust and the Purpose” which was released on Gillesku Records was sold within 5 days as an exclusive vinyl release, thereby making a huge success. His second album, “Just Keep Talking Girl” was released in August 2012 at the prestigious Plastic City label, and it received immense support from the fans. In 2013 Dejan founded his own label “Tito” (pronounced Titzero) and became a co-owner of the eponymous studio. A modest list of contributors to the label contains the “notorious” DJ Rush, where he appeared as the MC on the first edition of the label, shows that Mr. Milicevic is always in for quality before quantity. Over the last 5 years Dejan cooperated with ‘Burn’ energy drink company as their ambassador, holding lessons at the regional level on the Burn Audio Tool, thereby making it accessible to everyone, but also he is a regional judge of Burn Residency competitions where he discovers new talents and helps them to succeed in Ibiza.

Listen to the premier Apcast mix, prepared by Dejan.