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APCAST 004: Akioki

By 24.10.2017July 25th, 2019No Comments

Apgrade presents the fourth edition of a series of mixes dedicated to the promotion of contemporary electronic music, and on the eve of the second Tale Of Us show in Belgrade, as well as the premiere performance of Vaal – prominent member of the great Afterlife family, the new Apcast Mix was prepared by the Belgrade selector duo Akioki. This DJ duo from Belgrade will make an introduction to the sonic night on October 28 in Hangar, while ending credits are reserved for the regular Afterlife guest from Belgrade, Tijani T.

Behind the name AKIOKI are Andrija and Oliver, whose joint project lasts over ten years. During this time they performed in almost all relevant clubs and at most of the festivals in the region, such as EXIT, Lovefest or Southern Soul, and they were heard by the audiences of numerous domestic clubs, with guest shows in Zagreb, Sarajevo, Skopje, Berlin, New York …

They are one of the founders of the Soul Print Recordings label, which has recently recorded significant successes on the global stage and has released a number of renowned deep house performers. They are recognizable by the refined house and techno sound, but also by their wide musical taste, so we can often hear them in sets that deviate from electronic music. In addition to performing and publishing activities, they are currently engaged in the organization of Sunday Drippin daily parties where famous names of domestic and foreign scene perform.

Making a good intro set is a challenge for many and among other things, it requires special skills and discipline. AKIOKI knows the right recipe.

“With the intro set everything is about balance. You have to suppress your own ego, leave in the bag all those lanes that you think will get a strong feedback from the audience and that would show you the clear direction you need to go to. You need to feel comfortable and transfer it to the audience in order to prepare them for what comes next. To be dynamic and interesting, but weighing without raising tempo and other methods you can use when energy increases at a party. That’s the idea we tried to transfer to the mix that we recorded,” Andrew and Oliver told us.

How will their intro for Tale Of Us and VAAL look like? Listen to the selection that the AKIOKI duo prepared for Apcast 004. See you in Hangar.

Lazara Marinković