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Apgrade 2020 Online

12-13. & 19-20. December

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Apgrade 2020

For its 7th edition, Apgrade festival is migrating to a digital landscape. The two-weekend program aims to temporarily relocate the festival essence into the virtual space through an inspiring and connecting experience.

Apgrade is an annual festival dedicated to electronic music and club culture. Each year it brings together carefully selected line-ups of leading artists from a multitude of scenes, solidifying its position as the Serbian capital’s leading electronic music promoter. Outside of the festival program, Apgrade is producing one-off events, ranging from intimate club shows to massive warehouse parties.

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Saturday, December 12
7 PM DJ Brka
8 PM Bella Technika live

Sunday, December 13
7 PM Feloneezy & Stevie Whisper
8 PM Tijana T

Saturday, December 19
6 PM Banda Panda
7 PM Andria
8 PM Kӣr live

Sunday, December 20
7 PM Nikola Vemić
8 PM Marko Nastić

* All times are GMT+1


Apgrade presents an exclusive series of T-shirts with illustrations created by designers Stefan Unković, Braća Burazeri and Marko Vuleta Đukanov (floatingbastard).



Young Belgrade-based producer Andria is making heady rhythmic mutations for serious dancefloors. His skillset is admirable, output prolific, and style well-defined. Glimpse into his set of influences crammed in a heavy paced club set.

Banda Panda

Johana & Dusan have been performing together since 2010. The last three years saw them shifting focus towards a new club night – Bipolar, bringing a slew of international left-field acts to Belgrade. Johana has also been running F-Society, a vital party concept dedicated to promoting local female artists. Jump into their whirlpool of sluggish techno and gloomy disco.

Bella Technika

Bella Technika seems very comfortable in its pursuit to render dance music into a more associative field. While the slow-burning melodies are shimmering over breezy chords, the groove remains intact, leaving plenty of space for everyone to get lost in their hazy ambiance. A very special Apgrade live performance.

DJ Brka

Saying that DJ Brka does not need a special introduction is not an overstatement – he has kept the party going for decades, leaving an incredible mark on the culture. Trends and scenes may rise and recede, but the buzz surrounding his all-nighters is just never-ending. Belgrade’s most trusted selector whose exploratory approach helped define the city’s musical identity steps up – enjoy.

Kӣr live

A singular voice in modular psychedelia, Drugstore’s Kir is sending off pulsating sweeps of analog fuzz into your living rooms. Exceptional performance on an expansive setup captured in a vibrant industrial setting – a perfect fit.

Feloneezy & Stevie Whisper

Feloneezy & Stevie are on a never-ending quest to challenge the parameters of what can work on the dancefloor, taking up the position at the vanguard of the club scene. It is hard to think of another duo that could unite so many seemingly contrasting sounds under one banner. A refreshing take on prime-time club music – one hour of pure bangers.

Marko Nastić

Anyone who watched Marko at work wouldn’t have missed the unmatched DJ skills that turned him into a proper household name. The longest-standing Serbian techno export has been gracing the decks for more than 20 years, playing all over the world while staying cemented as a fan favorite in the region.

Tijana T

Tijana T has been redefining what is labeled as techno DJ through prime time slots in clubs and festivals across the world almost every weekend for the last couple of years. Currently residing in Berlin, Serbian most sought after DJ flew back home to treat the first day of Apgrade Online with an epic closing set.

Nikola Vemić

Nikola Vemić is a DJ with extensive experience, tested in front of both the basement and major festivals. His style is uplifting, bright, and rough around the edges when necessary. Nikola will play whatever he feels, how he feels, and this time he’s delivering house music soaked with lots of funked-up electronics and disco.