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A as in Apgrade and 10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Miss This Weekend

By 01.09.2015June 3rd, 2018No Comments

On the serbian electronic music scene appeared a new concept in the basic clubbing vocabulary – Apgrade! It’s written with a capital letter A, unlike its British base. A is the first letter of the alphabet and the alphabet A shows a natural upward (up!), and A contains an upright triangle that is the only symbol that all cultures and religions of our planet identically experience as a positive symbol. It is the culmination of a two-decade experience of the team behind primarily art (Art) project (Project) from Belgrade (BelGRADE) and it brings the leading representatives of contemporary electronic music.

After the opening party with Mathew Jonson, the Kalemegdan on September 4th and 5th is hosting two leading companies of the global techno scene – Minus, headed by absolute techno icon Richie Hawtin and Berlin musical symbol Ostgut Ton, the publishing house of the even more crucial club Berghain.

On Saturday September 5th, Function, Boris Dolinski and Efdemin will present why Berghain and Ostgut Ton are considered the top of the electronic scene. We know that you are already tired of articles starting with 10 reasons, but regardless, here’s why you should be down in the trench under the Military Museum in Kalemegdan on Saturday.

  1. Berghain is the most “notorious” club in the world. Located on the site of an old power plant, the architecture gives it a special feeling and visual authority.
  2. It has one of the best sound systems in the world, followed by careful lighting, often very dark, where you can and want to get lost.
  3. Not suitable for people who live their lives on Facebook. Taking pictures is prohibited. Rigorous and without the slightest exception. Cell phone cameras are hidden by special stickers. An attempted shooting ends a lifetime ban on entering. In translation, there is the freedom of a certain behavior for everyone else, including you.
  4. Not everyone can enter. Not only because he is not “cool”, but perhaps because he would not like it. It is not for everyone. You must be Berghain material. Lady Gaga has not been let to enter the club, as well as Felix Da Housecat.
  5. Berghain opens at 23:59 on Friday, and closes… Well when it’s over. History shows that the club can work until past Monday. People leave and return at different times throughout the weekend.
  6. Ostgut Ton is a publishing house which rarely issues. This is the name for a large family that cares about itself and its sound. Quality before quantity.
  7. Only a selected team of residents has the honor to regularly appear at the club. To reach there, you have to be specific and uncompromising like residents Efdemin, Function and Boris are.
  8. Ostgut Ton is the name of the club that preceded the Berghain. It worked from 1998 to 2003 when the building that housed the club had to be teared down. Farewell party lasted for over 30 hours, and the next year the same team opened Berghain. Techno Marathon remains as a principle for over a decade later.
  9. An entire Berlin experience and all life in it is presented through their music, but also a way of working and thinking about the scene and clubbing.
  10. Because they are coming to Apgrade and they know that there in the trench will be waiting like-minded and well-experienced audience.

Tickets are sold at the box office of Eventim and Gigstix at a price of up to 1,890 dinars for the whole weekend and on the first night the tickets will be replaced with required bracelets. The sale of individual tickets is priced at 1690 dinars to Friday (Minus Showcase), or 990 dinars for Saturday (Ostgut Ton Showcase).