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Recondite: Pure excitement is my inspiration

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The culmination of the summer clubbing season in Belgrade, second year in a row is the Apgrade Weekend, which will be held on the 2nd and the 3rd of September at the Kalemegdan fortress, in the trench under the Military Museum. During the two nights under the open skies of Belgrade, some of the most sought after names in the electronic scene will perform, such as the undisputed ruler of the Resident Advisor lists and unmistakable German maestro Dixon, and the world’s most wanted DJ duo Tale of Us. On the same stage are the ultimate “live techno” master Recondite and the absolute electro-heroine Miss Kittin. Local support in the most beautiful stretch of the Belgrade Fortress, will give them our internationally acclaimed performers Marko Nastić, Tijana T and Vladimir Ivković and the experienced Apgrade residents Gordan Paunović and Vlada Janjić. Two-day tickets for the entire Apgrade Weekend, are sold at the box offices of Eventim and Gigstix at the price of 1990 dinars for the ground floor and 2,590 for the VIP terrace. Tickets for individual nights are available at the price of 1290 dinars, unless the weekend tickets get sold out beforehand. Capacity is limited to 2,500 visitors per night, and the weekend tickets will be exchanged for wristbands in front of the entrance.

Recondite (Lorenz Brunner) is due to a number of publications and masterful live performance, became one of the most sought-after artists on the electronic scene. The audience votes from around the world in 2014 won him the title of “The Best Live Act” at the top list of Resident Advisor, which is still at the top. Regular performances at Berghain, Fabric, Concrete and Nitsa earned him the leading positions at international festivals such as Melt!, ADE, Nuit Sonores, dekmantel and Time Warp, where he performed with Richie Hawtin, and quickly became one of the famous residents at ENTER parties in Ibiza. He published for the leading publishing houses such as “Ghostly” “Innervisions,” “Dystopian”, “Life & Death” and many others.

Before becoming Recondite, one of the world’s best live acts, you were a personal trainer. Can you give us an insight on how you remain fit and healthy due to constant working and traveling, which must be exhausting?

First – the most important thing whatsoever is not to play too many shows. Its very important to maintain a normal bio rhythm and sleep cycle. Several weekends with 3 and more shows are an absolute health killer, no way around.

Second – it is important to work out an individual routine that grows with you throughout the years. Addressing ones weak spots and not going into extreme versions of exercise is key.

On the topic of health, especially mental, you said that you can’t take the city vibe if you don’t go to the woods for a period longer than three weeks. Your music also has that forest type of feeling. Why is nature so important for you? Can you describe to us some mesmerizing details that inspire you in the woods?

I grew up in the nature. It is my natural environment where i feel most comfortable. The more time i spend in artificial environments the longing to nature gets stronger. I think this applies for every human being – some just lost the sensibility too feel that.

How do you perceive music you like to make? Is there any special feeling that guides you or a particular sound?

Basically it is just the lust that i feel which makes me sit down and start a track. Its not a special creative vibe nor an environment that inspires me – its just the pure excitement that leads to something new.


You are very much linked to acid sounds. Why and where does the fascination with it start for you?

Very, very basic. I think it was the Tinman EP on “Acid test”- Nonneo which draw my attention to acid.  I don’t like the old school acid. Too stressful for me.

Melancholy play a big part in your music. What is so special about that feeling that surrounds your sound?

I think it’s just a question of personal individual character. For me it is a very suiting description of a prior emotion. Melancholy can be happy and sad at the same time.

You have been voted the Best Live Act on the prestigious Resident Advisor list in 2014 and remained in the very top. What was the biggest motivator for you to get here?

I did not have any motivation to get there. My career meandered around for many years, basically there was no real career. And suddenly it started very fast. I did not plan that – therefore I didn’t have a specific motivation for it either.

What made the biggest impact on your life that influenced your music?

I couldn’t point out one event to be honest. I had a big interest in music since my childhood. I never lost the fascination. At some point i got real nerdy about it and I tried to condensate a certain vibe with digging and digging for tracks that featured this particular emotion. I wasn’t able to find them anymore – so I had to make them myself with my rudimentary skills.


You have been championed by Richie Hawtin and praised by many more when it comes to your music. How does it feel to play the most interesting events in the world?

Very good. I absolutely enjoy playing big events. I love having an up-for-it crowd in front of me. The best thing is if they even know and recognize my tracks. My favorites are outdoor events with nice stage setups, great organization for the crowd and the artists and powerful well designed sound systems.

Belgrade is waiting for you with excitement! What can we expect from you at the Apgrade Weekend? Will you be performing some unreleased material?

I think i never played a set which did not contain unreleased material. Usually at least 25% is unreleased. I’m looking forward to finally playing in Belgrade!