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Apgrade with DJ Python – April 26th – Karmakoma Club

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DJ Python

DJ Python’s hazy sound is evocative of his experience between cultures. A first-generation American raised in Miami by South American parents, Piñyero learned the rhythms of Latin club music by osmosis. The inescapable sound of high school parties, and the radio, brought him to what he calls “deep reggaetón,” a fusion of Latin street pop’s rhythmic eruptions with ambient, house, and low swung techno.

The sinuous Caribbean pulse and the celestial atmospheres of ambient music might appear to have little in common, but these disparate genres come together as a natural combination and a dedicated global fanbase that he amassed over the years proves it well. The global eruption of club music anchored by the Jamaican “dem bow” rhythm owes quite a bit to DJ Python’s Ridgewood experiments, most notably to the deep house-paced hybrids of his acclaimed 2017 debut ‘Mas Amable,’ which is almost unanimously considered a classic.

Apgrade with DJ Python, Feloneezy, Bianca Intesa

His collaborative work spans from 4-trackers with DJ Florentino and Kelman Duran who offered songwriting contributions to Beyoncé’s 2022 album “Renaissance” to last year’s fan-favorite album with Ana Roxanne released on the Brooklyn-based indie mainstay Mexican Summer. Another example of Piñeyro embracing his multifaceted self is having Ela Minus, a purveyor of combative, hard-edged techno and coldwave rendered into daydream territory on 2022 EP which came with a fully blown 12 inch of remixes by Riccardo Villalobos.

DJ Python is headed to Belgrade after making waves with a highly acclaimed BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, which will serve as a great starting point to get you into the mood for an Apgrade exclusive on the 26th of April at Karmakoma.